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Corporate Philosophy

Company Motto

Takeshi is a ya that stops 戈

“Take” comes from “stop the 戈”, and it contains the heart of “great harmony” of suppressing a selfish mind, holding the fight, and calming the fight. While contributing to the spread and development of martial arts, Higashiyamado will correctly spread the bushido spirit and serve as the foundation for building a peaceful world without conflict, and will practice the ambition of the “Hokodome” samurai.

Corporate philosophy

We pursue the joy of our customers and the physical and mental happiness of all employees, and contribute to the spread and development of Japanese culture.

Corporate Philosophy

In the teaching of “Rishin Otsu”, it is explained that the profit of business is a “reward” of the result of devote yourself to its duties and should not be aimed at profit, and it is the purpose of management to serve the world, for others, and fulfill social responsibility. This also leads to the teaching of “Three sides of the Omi merchant “It is good for the seller, the buyer is good, and the people are good”. I will follow the teachings of these wonderful predecessors and walk with you for the future of a better martial arts world.